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Success is in our DNA. We've been in the real estate business for over 100 years. See how we can help build yours.

Why are companies joining the undisputed leader in real estate? Because...

Aligning with the Coldwell Banker® Real Estate brand gives you all the technology, resources and brand recognition you need to attract new business and the best talent, so you're always ahead of the competition.

Franchising with Coldwell Banker Kenya allows you to start your real estate business or boost your existing real estate business because you plug into ready resources from a reputable brand that position you to be competitive in an ever changing real estate space. The below are the top 10 reasons why you should become a Coldwell Banker Kenya affiliate:

  1. Franchising put you “The Business Owner” In Charge
    As a Coldwell Banker Kenya franchise owner, you get to be your own boss within the framework of a tried-and-true business system. You decide how to run your own business with the added advantage of 24/7 support, guidance and mentorship every step of the way.
  2. Because Brand Matters
    Brand name recognition guarantees you that there are customers already with knowledge of the brand and some may already have a level of loyalty. Affiliating with Coldwell Banker Kenya ensures that you get instant credibility and recognition in every deal since the brand stands for integrity, honesty and professionalism. When you say you are from Coldwell Banker Kenya, half the battle is won.
  3. Market Dominance and Rapid Expansion
    The Multiple locations of Coldwell Banker Kenya increase your company’s competitive advantage over similar type businesses, thereby gaining a foothold over would be competitors. With increased numbers comes increased market presence and with it larger market share and dominance.
  4. Group Purchasing and Bargaining Power
    Coldwell Banker Kenya, on behalf of its network of agents and brokers, will be able to negotiate volume discounts from vendors and suppliers for services that your company will need like Expo Appearances, Business Cards, Property signs etc. The portion saved provides higher operating margins for you and a competitive advantage over other similar businesses. 
  5. Increased Advertising and Marketing
    With a Brand Marketing Fund, collectively contributed to by all offices, you will have access to otherwise cost prohibitive marketing avenues such as TV, Bill boards, Radio, Newspaper, Event Sponsorships etc. It is difficult for one individual to go to TV or Radio, but with a collective advertising fund, all this is possible. You contribute a small amount and reap immense benefits of regional and international advertisements and marketing by Coldwell Banker Kenya.
  6. Extensive Training, On Demand
    Through Coldwell Banker University as well as localized courses, you receive a wide assortment of proven training for your office and agents. This training also serves as a powerful recruiting tool for your office; agents are interested in growing professionally. You gain access to education on virtually every facet of real estate productivity.
  7. Expand Your Reach
    Be part of the worldwide growth of Coldwell Banker with over 86,000 Agents, over 3000 Offices in 51 Countries. Get more leads, more referrals, more business and more support from the expansive local and international ready network of real estate professionals.
  8. Higher Success Rate
    Surveys conducted by independent research firms have strongly showed that Franchise Businesses have a higher success rate than privately started SMEs and/or companies. With a proven formula, ready resources, active support and reduced/shared risk, your business will thrive inside of a Franchise model compared to going it alone.
  9. You Plug into Ready Resources
    With Coldwell Banker Kenya you hit the ground running or expand your business by plugging into ready resources in terms of Technology Tools, Personalized Support, Extensive Training Programs, Marketing Opportunities, recognized Brand Name and Group Economies of Scale. With a tried and tested formula for success, you have a certainty to succeed.
  10. Because We Care
    People want to do business with professionals who care. With Coldwell Banker Kenya, you will be able to connect your name and business to charitable causes that people know and respect. Through the Coldwell Banker HEROES programs, we give back to the community where we live and work. 


If you're an investor, apply to Own a Real Estate Office/Franchise

Thank you for your interest in the Coldwell Banker brand. This application form is strictly for investors who either have an existing and operating real estate office and want to convert it to a Coldwell Banker office or investors who wish to start a Coldwell Banker Office / Franchise. We are always happy to add new talent as we strongly grow the network here in Kenya. We look forward to hearing from you. Please note that all your information will be treated with strict confidence and will not be shared with 3rd parties.

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