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Diaspora Experience

The Kenyan Diaspora

Kenyans living abroad are constantly sending money home. This money could be for investments, to support family members and many other reasons. With regards to investments, Kenyans in the diaspora have demonstrated a bigger appetite for investing within the country’s real estate market. This is evidenced by the increase in the number of players in the sector like some Saccos with diaspora membership, as well as commercial banks coming up with tailor-made real estate products targeting Kenyans living abroad.

This has been necessitated by a myriad of problems encountered in the past by the Diasporas. These include funds diversion and embezzlement by relatives who are often sent money to oversee their property investments. Therefore security and management of investments back home becomes a nightmare.

Other challenges faced by diasporas are; lack of information and opportunity to engage in credible investments back home, high cost of remittances, lack of products with attractive returns for the diaspora to invest in, lack of credible partners to represent the interests of the diaspora, and the inability to safely and conveniently transact and close a deal through a trusted representative.

Fortunately, Diasporas now have access to a trusted and easily accessible platform that enables them to identify, evaluate and invest in real estate opportunities that speak to their investment needs. Coldwell Banker Kenya! In today’s challenging real estate market, it’s more important than ever to work with an agent you can trust, one who is specially trained and held to high performance standards that ensure superior service. This is what Coldwell Banker Kenya is all about. True professionalism coupled with a high level of transparency and accountability.

Our level of transparency will arm agents with valuable insights which will help their clients make better and more informed decisions thus granting them the ability to stand out from the pack. Listing agents, for example, will be able to watch how many potential buyers are viewing their property online, how long they’re staying on the page, and how often they come back to look at the property. On a macro level, they will be able to help clients take data that would otherwise be difficult to read and understand, and put it into a format that will help them feel confident in their decisions. Moreover through collaborations with real estate developers, the latter will gain new insights into neighborhoods, consumer behaviors and even the specific needs of consumers in a particular area.

The Kenyan Diaspora continues to play an important role in the development of the country through remittances. The government recognizes the role these remittances play in economic growth and has already established an office for diaspora issues, a move applauded as aiding investment back home. Chipping in, Coldwell Banker Kenya has brought unique offerings to further this cause.